My journey


I am so delighted to introduce you to my blog, A la carte d’Elé!

Everyone calls me Elé, but my real name is Eléonore. I left everything one year and a half ago to adventure Australia and start a new life full of surprises. Because what’s better than travelling, discovering a new country, and getting yourself out of your comfort zone to rise and grow over and over again?

Me during a photo shoot in Melbourne
Me reading a book in Melbourne in the haridresser's

Why creating a blog?

I’ve always had a passion for writing. I am fascinated by the power of words, by the influence and consequence that each word can bring to a discourse. As a child, I wrote songs, wrote my thoughts in a diary and wrote long letters to my friends (before the web 2.0 era of course). I had a lot of fun writing, telling stories.

After studying music at the conservatory in France and taught piano, sang in different jazz/soul bands until I was 23 years old, I went back to my studies, got two different Master’s degrees in luxury and marketing, and then became a Press agent in France. I started working with lifestyle magazines and organizing press days for journalists. The world of the press fit me.

A year and a half later, I landed in Luxembourg and settled down at PREMIUM, a luxury lifestyle magazine for men for which I wrote articles, was responsible for business development and events for 3 years and a half. A wonderful professional experience!

A few months after my arrival in Melbourne at the end of 2018, I started working for “Le Petit Journal” Melbourne, an international online media for French expatriates around the world. Again, I took great pleasure in writing and meeting the actors of Melbourne life because that’s also what I like about writing: sharing!

Salmon and mango poke bowl in a grey plate with a red background
Banana and chocolate fondant recipe on a table, view from the top

Why A la carte d’Elé?

On November 2019, I made the decision to take the plunge and I launched a first blog in French and English called « The Epicurious » where I was talking about art, food, travel and wellness. Six months later, according to my audience’s feedbacks and my feelings, I decided to focus only on one subject and I chose “food”. You’re probably wondering why, and the reason is simple. Because I’m a food addict, a real food lover, often described by my friends as an indescribable foodie. Is it serious doctor? It’s such a pleasure for me to cook, share my recipes, write about food, discover the best places to eat around the world. Through my culinary pictures, I love highlighting all the beauty of food and stirring gourmets’ senses. Lastly, I take great pleasure in interviewing international Chefs to understand their journey and learn international cuisine with them. It’s extremely rewarding!

As you probably understood, I will guide you with my recipes, help you escape your daily grind through Chefs interviews, food content and give you all the good addresses in Melbourne to eat like a KING! Here is my blog’s aim, from now on, called A la carte d’Elé!

Happy reading and thank you in advance to all the readers who will take the time to visit my blog!


With love…

Banana and chocolate fondant recipe on a table
Salmon and mango poke bowl in a grey plate
Homemade granola presented in a cup on a white table