Press Review

As I explained in my “journey”, I launched last November 2019, a blog in French and English last called « The Epicurious » where I was talking about art, food, travel and wellness. Six months later, according to my audience’s feedbacks and my feelings, I decided to focus only on one subject and I chose “food”.

All these press reviews talk about my previous blog but I’m happy to share it with you…


02.20.2020 / SBS Radio

On the 20th of February 2020, I had the chance to be interviewed by Audrey Bourget, a journalist at SBS Radio, a famous Australian radio station, a spin-off of the SBS network (Australia’s public television and radio network).

Through this exchange, I tell my journey and the creation of my blog The Epicurious, delivers some anecdotes and next ideas of subjects!

Find my interview in French on SBS Radio (SBS French).

Building office of SBS radio in Melbourne in Australia
The Epicurious (me) during my interview with Audrey Bourget in the SBS Radio's office in Melbourne
The Epicurious (me) during my interview for SBS Radio in Melbourne
The Epicurious (me) during my interview in the SBS Radio's office in Melbourne


02.18.2020 / Luxury magazine for men in Luxembourg and France (border cities)

Writer and Business development manager for Premium Magazine, I’m currently writing articles for this wonderful magazine as a Freelance Writer. In one of my articles from Premium’s special issue on travels, the Chief Director, David Bail surprised me by promoting my blog through an insert. Thank you for this wink!

Premium Magazine's Special Travel cover
Insert about The Epicurious blog in Premium Magazine in February 2020
Article "les yeux dans le bleu" in Premium Magazine with an insert about The Epicurious Blog
Post from Premium magazine's facebook page about the article of The Epicurious

LIBRE-ANTENNE.FR (French Web radio)

01.27.2020 / 

On the 27th on January, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Philippe Belgrand, founder of the online radio station to speak about my blog, The Epicurious, launched on 18 November 2019. Philippe is a radio host as I like them, warm, dynamic, passionate about his job! Unclassifiable, with an atypical background, he mixes genres and likes to give a voice to people, companies, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, online business and well-being professions. In short, his radio is “a radio where freedom of expression prevails, like in the 80’s radios”, he said to me when he contacted me, halfway around the world.

Listen my interview here.

The Epicurious' interview with Philippe Belgrand from the web radio