plate with dessert from Chef Guy Savoy. French Chef Guy Savoy. Best starred restaurants in takeaway

Who said that the take away was only for the standard restaurants? With the confinement, even the best-starred restaurants in Paris had to close, but this was without counting on chef’s creativity, actually, overflowing! To continue surprising their lovely gourmets, the best-starred restaurants joined the takeaway trend and propose amazing takeaway menus. The best food from Paris in front of your favorite Netflix series is from now on, possible!

1. The most emblematic starred restaurants in Paris, La Tour d’Argent, is turning on the stove!

Fresh news!! The oldest restaurant in Europe takes its turn to take the side of delivery and Click&Collect while waiting for the reopening. This iconic address of the capital located on the banks of the Seine offers a view worthy of a postcard from its restaurant located high up. While waiting to enjoy it again, you can now taste its world-renowned cuisine, which has been rewarded with a star.

In the plate, the restaurant offers you its exceptional ducks from the Maison Burgaud’s breeding farm and fed exclusively with vegetable, mineral and vitamin-rich food. Four references are proposed to you from Tuesday to Monday and will be available the following Thursday. Or, you can also choose the stylish alternative: ordering ready-to-go small dishes from La Rôtisserie d’Argent for an amazing bistro treat: whole roasted duck for two (€32) or breast of duck with honey and sautéed small potatoes (€5).

Because a real French can’t eat a meal without bread, the Boulangerie de la Tour continues to delight lovers of good bread and sweet beaks under the command of Chef Lucie Espeillac. The traditional baguette de la Tour (€1,20 for a baguette) and the famous pies invite themselves to your tables as well as the pastries that will sweep you off your feet! The pastries are also ready to be savoured for dessert or at snack time: Flan, Paris-Brest, chocolate éclair, or Baba au Rhum, pickyour guilty pleasure!

And since the summertime in Paris is accompanied by frosty flavours, the Boulangerie de la Tour also offers to deliver half-liter tubs of ice cream carefully prepared by Une Glace à Paris. Rice pudding, Café Cardamome, Caramel Croquant, Lemon Tonka, or Strawberry Hibiscus, Emmanuel Ryon’s exceptional creations will delight ice cream and sorbet lovers! I’m melting…

Orders to be delivered or as click and collect at La Rôtisserie d’Argent on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm and 6pm to 8pm. Orders on

la tour d'argent restaurant in Paris. Best starred restaurants in takeaway
Diner room from La Tour d'argent restaurant in Paris. Best starred restaurants in takeaway

2. Guy Savoy’s cuisine at home 

What do you say to discover at home the incredible cuisine of the three-star chef Guy Savoy at La Monnaie de Paris, crowned several times as the best chef in the world?

To delight the taste buds of the greediest, Guy Savoy set up his new “take away menu”, the signature dishes from 3 of Guy Savoy’s Parisian restaurants. 

On the menu: 2 dishes that have made his reputation: the famous artichoke soup with black truffle (€110) or his Bresse poultry with foie gras and artichoke, vinaigrette with truffle (€90). Both dishes come straight ahead from Le Chiberta’s kitchen (8th arrondissement).

For those who want a special menu, they can order at Maître Albert, in the 5th arrondissement. Hang on, a major surprise awaits you! The suggestion is a terrific menu comprising starter-dish-dessert at €29 in deluxe rotisserie mode with salad or cauliflower soup, spit-roasted poultry and gratin dauphinois or duck breast-ratatouille. Regarding the choco praline-feuilleté, it’s one of the must-eat Parisian desserts to be tested once in a lifetime. Is your mouth watering as much as me right now?

And for the Asians’cuisine lovers, let me introduce you his amazing Supu Ramen at Odéon, whose awesome soups and noodles are prepared with the top-notch products of his nearby 3 stars venue. I’m melting…

Orders to be delivered or as click and collect at Maître AlbertLe Chiberta and Supu Ramen.

© picture on the left: Laurence Mouton, on the right: Fabien Dominguez

French Chef Guy Savoy-best starred restaurants in takeaway
plate with dessert from Chef Guy Savoy. French Chef Guy Savoy. Best starred restaurants in takeaway

3. Chef Stéphanie Le Quellec, double starred and winner of season 2 of Top Chef, infiltrates your kitchen!

A renowned Chef at home, are you tempted? The chef, who is creating the foodie buzz with her new restaurant La Scène (two Michelin stars), is taking advantage of the restaurants’ lockdown to infiltrate your kitchen and replay the finale of Top Chef.

What did you concoct for us Stéphanie? To be honest, a very inspired menu! Thin slices of tataki beef, crispy veggies with sesame (€15) for starter, a red vegetarian curry with coconut milk, perfumed rice (€19) as main dish or also veal Osso Bucco, creamy polenta with olives and parmesan (€32). For dessert: a very intense mousse au chocolat, grilled buckwheat (€10), or an irresistible baba au rhum and vanilla chantilly (€13). All prepared with love according to the mood of Stéphanie Le Quellec. And if your heart tells you to do so, why not testing her kit burger flirting with excellence (€54 for two persons) with homemade briochés breads, French hamburger meat, grilled red onions, old cheddar, bib lettuce, glazed tomatoes, farm-range lard, match stick potatoes. And, of course: the one and only La Scène sauce. Can’t resist it!

Cherry on the cake, you’ll have the opportunity to taste your deluxe supplies over the next 2-3 days, to be customized to your liking in a jiffy, the culinary explanations are very easy! Pop the apron, you are the next Top Chef!

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